xPK [-frsux] [-p password] [-m method] files

       -m = packing method
       -f = force repack
       -s = do not remove original
       -r = recursively (un)pack
       -u = unpack (extract)
       -p = encrypt/decrypt
       -x = pack executables only

	xPK is a command line interface to the XPK compression library.
	It compresses a file using the method given by -m. After the
	process is complete, the original file is removed and replaced
	by its compressed version under the same name.

	The xPK executable can be renamed to a packer name which will
	then be considered as given by -m.

	-m = method. After -m you can indicate the name of the packer
	     to use, plus a mode number if the packer supports that.
	-f = force. Will enforce packing of already XPK-packed files.
	-s = suffix. Add a .XPK suffix to the compressed version and
	     do not remove the original.
	-r = recur. If any directories are encountered, they are packed
	-u = unpack. Will unpack the indicated files. (same as -e).
	-p = password. Will be used for encryption or decryption.
	-x = executables. Will refuse to pack files that are not
	     executable or are overlaid. For use with xLoadSeg.

	xPK -rm NUKE dh1:modules
	xPK -m	IMPL.50 df0:OVERVIEW
	xPK -xm NUKE dh4:
	xPK -r -p topsecret -m FEAL.32 dh1:private_docs

	Freely distributable for noncommercial use.

	Urban Dominik Müller