What Changes Have Been Made

UNIX Versions

Since there have been no public releases yet there is no version information available.

UNIX Version 0.1.4

Not implemented in this version:

Stuff completely removed from the Amiga version:

Known problems:

On AIX libtool doesn't create a symbolic link 'libname.so' to the actual shared library. Currently libxpkmaster searches for libxpkXXXX.so instead of libxpkXXXX.so.v (v being the version number) so this link needs to be made by hand:

ln -s libxpkRLEN.so.0 libxpkRLEN.so

Amiga Versions

When the version number has a character attached, the xpkmaster library did not change, but only the distribution was updated.

5.2bug work around for sub librarie errors in Query function
5.1progress report no longer produces wrong data for really large files
5.0abug fix for both preferences programs, additions to xpksub.doc autodoc, better debug output for master library, new catalÓ translation
5.0added XpkSeek function and a test programs for it, wrote one assembler example program on request, bugfix for xpkFAST.library
4.34xBench has now a LOG option, xpkmaster functions XpkWrite and XpkRead now do their job correctly, example programs included, XpkWrite autodoc fixed
4.33axpkNONE.library had a little bug, which could cause crashes. Install script has been fixed a bit as well.
4:33fixed some little problems and removed access to address 4 (SysBase variable is used instead now). This makes the file 400 Bytes larger, but hopefully a little bit faster and better designed.
4.32bug fix (crash) in XpkQuery function (this time not my fault, but a compiler error)
4.31fixed Enforcer hit, new xBench version (better TEST routine), some optimizations and bug fixes
4.29Sorry, sorry, but 4.27 did not really fix the bug. Now it is fixed! xpkmaster is now 100% C code (also startup), which results in 100 byte longer executable, but it should be portable a lot easier now.
4.27Fixed serious bug added in last version, with files larger than 65535 bytes. Thanks to Thomasz Kepa for reporting it. Added missing catalog texts.
4.26Added xfdmaster.library support and cleaned up the code a lot. XPK can decrunch StoneCracker, RNC, CrunchMania and Imploder files now. The internal PowerPacker support has been removed, as xfdmaster.library does this now. So powerpacker.library is no longer required. Thanks a lot to Georg H÷rmann for making this possible. Changed a lot in design of XpkPassRequest. It uses gadtools library and is a lot nicer now (has a window title, shows stars, timeout uses timer.device, ...).
4.16Changed A2 contents of preferences RecogFunc to TagList (I hope nobody did use it till now.). This causes problems with XpkCybPrefs version 1.0. Use newer versions only!
4.14afixed Installer script, rewrote xDir, added more language files
4.14fixed low-mem-bug in NUKE and DUKE, little changes in master lib, fixed IDEA bug (thanks to Alexis Nasr for finding a solution), fixed bug in XpkMasterPrefs, added some parts to the docs, added length check and OR specifier to file pattern check, added pattern matching for xBench
4.13fixed Installer script, added xBench ALL and SAVE option, removed error in Expunge code of library, fixed xQuery
4.12added automatic password request and preferences system, cleared the code a bit and removed obsolete code, removed xDrop from distribution, wrote new xBench utility.
4.0added 5 new functions, fixed some little bugs, added first stage of preferences system (XpkMaster and XpkMasterPrefs programs), library is now OS2.0+ only
3.12special OS1.3 only version, removed locale and utility library stuff
3.11recompiled the library with SAS 6.57, cleaned up the complete package, removed XFH
3.10I reworked the source and added locale.library support, a better library header and another way of debuging. NOTE: The include files moved to xpk directory. Before it was libraries.