Vesa Halttunen

The World of Sound

I reached the world of techno during my teenage. In parallel with the Amiga demo scene group dA JoRMaS we formed a crew called .jRM and started exploring the possibilities and different flavours of electronic music. During these excursions in electronica I've been influenced by quite a few artists with different styles and different music. I have also studied a minor subject in music technology at the Sibelius Academy.

I've produced music using various monikers over the years - mostly as Vesuri and more recently as Vezurro in addition to some more obscure names (ask me). I've performed live in various events. I'm also a member of the electronic group Mäyrä and involved in an independent record label called Sewer Leak.


My most recent release is the Vezurro remix of Jaakko Eino Kalevi's No End, released on February 17th, 2014 on Weird World. The remix is based on the Vezurro track "A New Beginning":

Vezurro: Laser Explosion is my latest full 12" release, released on December 9th, 2013 on Discoteca Musica:

The 20 Years of dA JoRMaS compilation, released on March 15th, 2014 on Sewer Leak, contains a couple of my tracks:

Even though the past doesn't necessarily represent the future in my musical direction here are some tunes I've done a few years ago:

The sounds in my earlier synth-only works came out of my Korg X5, Syntecno TeeBee and Ensoniq EPS16+. The more recent songs include sounds from a Novation Supernova II and the EPS16+ got replaced with a Roland Fantom XR. Recently I've been using Soundcraft Spirit M12 as the mixer and my own program called Tutka as a tracker/sequencer. Earlier works were made using a Fostex 2016 and OctaMed SoundStudio v1.03c.


Recently I've been testing what italo disco mixes would sound alike if pitch shifting would be used while mixing. So far this has resulted in three mixes:

Name Tracklist Month/Year
Dickorunkkaus Download December 2005
Dickorunkkaus 2: Kiihotus Download April 2006
Dickorunkkaus 3: Kliimaksi Download December 2006


Here are some of my old four channel Amiga songs in MOD file format. The links point to dA JoRMaS' song pages that contain more information about the songs, not to mention the playing and downloading possibilities. You can listen to them without any hassle if you have the Java 1.4 plugin installed.

Name Style Year
BrainChoir Trance 1995
Brain That Rules Ambient (Remix) 1995
The Dark Mist Ambient 1995
Duracell Minimalism 1997
Juno Monk Monotonic Techno 1998
Kompleksi Drum'n'bass 1996
Luminenssi Drum'n'bass 1996
Meeting House 1998
Monocle House 1997
Orbital Course Ambient 1996
Pasteurised House 1996
Sutju Elektro 1996
Toilet Flush - Kurkkukipu Remix Matsku 1997
Traktor Matsku 1996