iPhone application alternatives for the Nokia N9

Compiled by Vesa Halttunen. Last updated March 29th, 2012. (This page is a work in progress. Additions and corrections will be made.)

iPhone: Facebook

N9: Facebook (preinstalled)

N9: fMobi

iPhone: Twitter

N9: Twitter (preinstalled)

iPhone: Foursquare

N9: 4squick

iPhone: RunKeeper

iPhone: Sports Tracker

N9: eCoach

iPhone: Spotify

N9: Spotify

iPhone: Kindle

N9: -

iPhone: Evernote

N9: EverN9

iPhone: ReittiGPS

N9: My Routes

N9: Meegopas

iPhone: Dropbox

N9: Dropbox (preinstalled)

N9: DropN9

iPhone: WeatherPro

N9: AccuWeather (preinstalled)

iPhone: Celsius

N9: AccuWeather (preinstalled)

iPhone: Flashlight

iPhone: Skype

N9: Skype (preinstalled)

iPhone: Find My Phone

N9: Track & Protect (preinstalled)

iPhone: Remote

iPhone: Colloquy

N9: SimpleIRC

N9: Irssi

N9: Communi

iPhone: Screens

N9: -

iPhone: iSSH

N9: OpenSSH (preinstalled/developer mode)

iPhone: MPoD

iPhone: Ilta-Sanomat

iPhone: Angry Birds

N9: Angry Birds Free with Magic (preinstalled)

iPhone: Hipstamatic

iPhone: Camera+

iPhone: Instagram

iPhone: Pano

iPhone: 1Password

N9: Safe

iPhone: Yammer

N9: Mash